Where do I get Melissa Bastian?

New Orleans - the place where I wasn't born.
Vegan Drinks New Orleans - the event where I don't actually drink.
Art - I make it maybe.
Art - I sell it maybe.
OK, all together now! - The combined blog.
New York in Green - food, et cetera in New York City - I eat it, I make it, I write about it. This blog is now retired, but it's still a great resource.
The Subway Project. - I ride them, I show you.
Subways - photographs of.
Stories - I write them sometimes.
Crafiness...? - bright.
Jeweleryness, et cetera - Libellule!
Wedding Madness - I had one of those.
Tweet, tweet - po te weet?
Facebooking - ha cha cha cha. (To the tune of "Stool Pigeon" by Kid Creole. Drop a line if you know it, kay?)
Flickering - in and out.

Melissa Bastian is just a girl. She writes and she paints and
she buries herself in paper and she talks to trees.

She is the girl who stopped in the middle of the street to take a picture of the key embedded in the asphalt. She is the girl bustling down the sidewalk or sitting on the subway with her nose in a book. She is the girl sitting in the corner of the coffee shop talking to herself, and she is the girl who just wrote a poem on your napkin.